ECM for SharePoint & SAP

ERP-Link Suite for ECM

We extend and enhance SharePoint enterprise information management and governance, and provide SAP content archiving and interoperability. Using the same technology, you can easily transform SharePoint into a platform to consistently govern and manage the content, documents and records in your organization and access content online or offline from your Windows 8 PC, Tablet, or Windows Phone.

SAP automates many aspects of your operations. ERP-Link Suite for SharePoint and SAP brings the functionality and content owned by SAP to the SharePoint audience, and vice versa. With an ERP-Link enabled application, you can choose where you want your people to work: in SAP, in SharePoint, or both!

The result? Improved usability, enhanced compliance and governance, and lower costs!


ERP-Link for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP Features and Benefits:

  • Lower Infrastructure Costs by up to 80% by replacing your legacy content repository with SharePoint
  • Expand the Usage of SAP by exposing it to your enterprise in SharePoint
  • Leverage your IT Investments in SharePoint as the content management solution for SAP
  • Extend your Business Processes from SAP to include SharePoint users and vice versa
  • Decrease Training Costs by presenting SAP content in the familiar SharePoint user experience
  • Easily Capture Content from popular Scanning systems, email or drag and drop to SAP business processes
  • Enable Solutions built on SAP and SharePoint for Invoice Processing, Employee Records, Contract Management, Plant Maintenance and more

ERP Link