Matrikon OPC


MatrikonOPC  provides equipment data connectivity products based on the OPC standard. MatrikonOPC’s promise is to empower customers with reliable data access to all major automation vendors’ systems from native device connectivity to enterprise-wide visibility. MatrikonOPC also provides practical OPC trainings and delivers superior client care.

OVSys has implemented projects with Matrikon’s suite of solutions that include :

  • OPC Tunneller
  • OPC Hub and Spoke
  • OPC Funnel
  • OPC Buffer

OVSys has establised close relationships with our customers to best address their business and technical needs. OVSys engineers are able to achieve this with extensive usage of MatrikonOPC products that best suits their connectivity environment.

With MatrikonOPC suite of solutions, OVSys engineers are able to provide our customers with the ability to integrate OPC into their existing and new systems. OVSys also assist by leveraging on multiple MatrikonOPC’s proven technologies to connect and gather data from a wide variety of data sources, giving the customer the assurance that their data is able to transfer without any hitches.